About Us

Who are we? I am waiting to learn this.

About Us

My name is Paolo… I come from the world of iron without ever having been hardened for it, perhaps a little melted… that might be true.
For years I have experienced how iron is treated and formed more and more rapidly by innovative technologies – so quickly it left me astonished.
So quickly that in the end, how shall I put it, the metal was a device: a cold, useful device.


Years ago I discovered a dimension that might fit me better… a less neat one, with more sensation and less calculations… certainly a lot more “chaotic”, pardon the expression.
I discovered or perhaps rediscovered a slow dimension in respect to iron; a dimension of experiments, of errors, numerous errors, defeats and of reconciliation…

Here a few lines in which I had a feeling for a thought.
I am in the middle of a number of objects, of specimen, of shadow contours which might only be the beginning of new ideas.
Perhaps this is already a philosophy.

Our Products

Our products are manufactured mainly in a traditional way, by hand, hammer, welding equipment, brush and several kinds of lacquers. The objects are each one unique and sometimes possess that very hardness that can only be given by manual skills and which they often refuse to adapt. Satisfied? That is the way our products are made.